More problems for Roberto Osuna

By Arturo González/Riodoce

Not all that glitters is gold. Beyond the sports context, Osuna’s personal life has been a caos lately.

The “Chufito” was recently placed on administrative leave by MLB after being arrested in Toronto for domestic violence and now is facing a child support lawsuit in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, from a women with whom he had two four-year old daughters.

The lawsuit was filed in late 2017 to a judge in Los Mochis, who send several summons to Osunas’ parents home place, but no one has answered.

“Since the begining Roberto didn’t want to take care of the two children” said a close source to the mother. “His father said this was going to affect his son’s future”

“Before the two children were born, she suffered threats from his (Osuna) parents, who also wanted to take her daughters away, so she better opted to go live with her mother to other state”

Although there is no record from a judge, Osuna had already been suited in the same subject from another women with whom he has a son, but everything suggests that there was an agreement of the two parts.

But that’s not all. Osuna said in an interview in Toronto last March that he considers drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman a hero in Mexico.

“For me, he (Joaquin Guzman) helped a lot of people, way more than what the government has done. He’s a hero in Mexico. I respect that.” said Osuna to a Canadian web site “The Star”.

Translated by José Molina.
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